We know that desingning and Wax-ups take time from your busy practice. That is why our Experts (Dentists) can help you saving time while you treat your patients. We are able to provide you with digital wax-up designs using accurate occlusion that you can use for printing (Digital Smile Design mock ups, provisionals) or to import as STL files to planning softwares like BlueSkyBio for accurate implant positioning. NO NEED TO INVEST IN EXPENSIVE SOFTWARES AND MACHINES; We take care of everything. 


1. Register and fill out the form 

2. Send Dicom FIles (.dcm files) of PVS impression (We create the model) or physical model for scanning

3. A 3D design Expert will contact you ir further questions are needed or for your design approval PRIOR PRINTING. 

Service Fees

1. Digital Design

  • Single tooth wax-up : $100  

  • Multiple teeth wax-up: $150  flat fee

  • Full Arch: $250 flat fee


What is involved:

  • Digital or traditional model Scanning (if needed) 

  • Restoration design reviewed by Prosthodontist (You will be contacted to confirm design). 

  • A link will be provided to download design 

*Shipping not included (We currently ship Worldwide) 

frontal 2.jpg

Step 1. Fill the Form

Step 2. Upload Files

How to upload the Files? Please take a look at the video below.