Universal Guided Stoppers kit

Guided surgery for Beginners and Experts

  • Simplified universal guided implant solution compatible with Densah burs.  

  • Long term use; not cheap disposable stoppers. 

  • Autoclavable 

  • Guided stoppers allows placing ANY TAPERED IMPLANT IN THE MARKET with only 5 burs (VT1828, VT2545, VT2838, VT3545, VT3848)

Frequent Asked Questions:

 1. What is the difference between the kit and other kits in the market?

- The main difference is that the kit system is  PATENT PENDING for use with guided surgery; it is a set of autoclavable and reusable stoppers that can turn any traditional implant kit into a guided kit. We have started with a kit compatible with Densah burs because we wanted to offer a Universal solution for implant placement.  ​

2. ​Why do I have to use only 5 burs?

-- The kit was designed to use the Desah burs to place any implant between a 3.0 and 5.0 platform. The first Drill is VT1828 because it allows the shank to attach the stopper. Due to the nature of guided surgery, a pilot drill is not needed because the angulation, position, and depth are under control.  Clinicians can save money by not having to buy unnecessary drills. 

3.  Why only two size cylinders?

-  There are two size cylinders: Regular Platforms (RP) and Narrow platforms (NP). RP cylinder diameter is 7mm and will allow placing any implant platform from 3.0 to 5.0; while NP is 5.5mm and was made for narrow spaces and allows to place 3.0 to 3.75 implants only. When printing your guides you will have to consider this information. 

4. Why do cylinders have a window? 

- The window was created to allow more access to posterior areas of the mouth or patient with a limited opening; modify your guide accordingly after 3D printing. 

5. Why does the kit have an implant driver stopper section with no stoppers? 

- We are currently working on offering implant driver stoppers for different implant systems. Implant driver stoppers can be purchased separately in the future. 

6. Why is the implant driver section empty?

- We want every clinician to be able to use the kit as a Universal Guided implant solution; the idea is that clinicians using one or two different systems can put their implant drivers in the kit for ease of use and for sterilization purposes. 

7. Can I autoclave the kit? 

- Yes; the kit can be autoclaved and reused. 

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